Improving Medical Diagnosis Is a Team Effort

Dr Thorwarth_20140414_008This post was contributed by American College of Radiology Chief Executive Officer William T. Thorwarth Jr., MD, FACR.

The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine recently launched its ACT for Better Diagnosis campaign. As a physician, I am sure we all support the goal of improving diagnosis.  In fact, the ACR has championed several efforts that will undoubtedly further this goal.

For instance, at the campaign launch, medical providers from the participating societies and government agencies stressed the importance of:

  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS) use
  • Specialist Involvement in Selecting Appropriate Tests
  • Patient-Doctor Shared Decision-Making and Patient Involvement in System Design
  • Pursuit of Artificial Intelligence Tools to Aid Diagnosis

I am proud to say that the College is a bit of pioneer in advancing all of these areas:

Improving medical diagnosis is a team effort. We need to continue to work together as a College and work together with our referring providers, other societies and our patients to improve the care we provide.

  • What kinds of efforts do you have in place at your practice or health care system to improve diagnosis?

Please provide your thoughts the comments section below or on the Engage discussion board (login required).

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