Is Radiology Trending Again?

Dr Andrea BirchThis post was contributed by Andrea B. Birch, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology and Radiological Sciences at Vanderbilt University.

After a few years of potential disinterest in radiology among medical students, is our specialty starting to become very desirable again?

One hundred percent of all radiology residency slots were filled on “Match Day.

The ACR Medical Education and Student Outreach program is stoking interest in radiology among medical students, and our hands-on workshops nationwide have caught their attention.

Then I came across this item recently in US News & World Report touting that aspiring doctors should actually choose their medical school based – at least in part – on the strength of its radiology program!

The College continues to advocate for exposing medical students to radiology early in their med-school careers. Under the guidance of the ACR Commission on Women and Diversity, we are reaching out to female and minority students to ensure greater representation in radiology in the future. Recently, I represented the ACR at the Student National Medical Association Annual Conference, where I had the pleasure of engaging with several such students through workshops and conversation. Other ACR representatives also recently attended the Latino Medical Student Association Annual Conference. This outreach is part of our commitment to ensuring that radiology better reflects many of the communities we serve.

I encourage you to promote ACR efforts in your medical school affiliations. I also encourage you to take part in mentoring medical school students about pursuing careers in radiology.

With the job market strengthening and interest in our profession increasing, there is no time like the present to share your experiences and expertise with the next generation.

Are you seeing increased interest in radiology in your department or practice?

Please provide your thoughts the comments section below or on the Engage discussion board (login required).

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