The Taming of the AI Wild West Has Begun

Am. College of Radiology-AMCLCThis post is contributed by ACR Data Science Institute™ (DSI) Chief Medical Officer Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACR.  

The FDA-funded NESTcc program has chosen the ACR Data Science Institute™ (DSI) “Lung-RADS Assist” use case among its first demonstration projects. This is a step to move artificial intelligence (AI) into medical imaging work flow and a leap toward taming what has been a technological “wild west.”

Use cases are clinical scenarios in which AI use may improve care. Until now, there has been no national body to identify or develop such cases to ensure safe and effective implementation in clinical practice.

No other national organizations are yet involved in determining if algorithms developed by vendors actually answer a relevant clinical question to improve care. This process is an initial focus of the ACR DSI.

The Lung-RADS Assist use case will determine the end-to-end workflow from development and deployment of an AI algorithm in a radiology reporting system and capture of performance metrics in a national registry.

With this process, the dark corners of the imaging AI map will start to be filled in. Just as the iron horse of the nation’s railroads helped settle the west, the ACR DSI is laying the track to move imaging AI into radiology’s future.

  • What are some use cases where you see that imaging AI can help radiologists do their jobs better (more efficiently)?
  • Where do you think imaging AI will be in 5-10 years?

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