Opposition to Anthem Imaging Policies Gains Momentum

moran4This post was contributed by American College of Radiology Executive Vice President of Government Relations and Health Policy Cynthia Moran.

Opposition to new Anthem outpatient imaging policies is not just for radiologists anymore.

As reported by Politico*, a national political and public policy news outlet, 11 medical societies and patient advocacy groups signed a Jan. 16 letter telling Anthem to drop these policies. The American Medical Association has called for Anthem to abandon these policies as well.

This week, legislation was introduced in the Virginia House of Delegates to effectively bar Anthem from implementing these policies there. The legislation would bar Anthem and other insurers from implementing similar policies in the Commonwealth.

The American College of Radiology (ACR) would oppose any policy that excludes coverage for any site of service based primarily on insurer profit. That would include policies that refuse to cover (or dramatically reduce payment for imaging done in freestanding centers or independent diagnostic testing facilities.

In the long run, such meat cleaver policies by Anthem will affect imaging providers and those they serve, regardless of setting. The ACR and others want to ensure that patients get the care they need where they want to receive it. The movement is growing.

Radiologists should check out ACR Anthem Outpatient Imaging Policy Resources for more information on how you can help counter these arbitrary and unwise policies.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and join the discussion on Engage (login required).

*Scroll halfway down page to article titled “Anthem’s payment changes spark blowback.”



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