Find Your Voice: For Radiology and for Patients

Brewington_Cecelia-20150806-65-Edit-vertThe following post was contributed by Cecelia Brewington, MD, a member of the American College of Radiology (ACR) Colon Cancer Committee.

I recently submitted an op-ed to the Huffington Post urging Medicare to cover CT colonography (CTC) as one avenue to increase colorectal cancer screening rates among African Americans and Hispanics. To my surprise and excitement, they asked me to become a regular contributor to the Huffington Post Black Voices section.

While I am one of many voices to be heard, I will be heard. This is important not only for radiology, but for our patients who may never hear or read important, even lifesaving information, if we don’t provide it. We may not have the monetary resources of major pharmaceutical companies or others for public marketing including televised advertisements, but we do have our voices through social media, traditional media and the printed word.

I want to encourage radiologists to share their knowledge and viewpoints. We serve a vital role in the health care enterprise. What we do saves, extends and improves lives every day.

I plan to write several articles for the Huffington Post throughout the year whenever and wherever I think that the information is needed and can help people live longer, better licolon-4197ves.

I encourage you to look for opportunities in your communities to share your expertise — whether it is directly to patients, with your administrators or with your local media.

The ACR provides several resources to help you brush up on specific issues or subjects prior to any conversations — including those below:

 What are some things you have done in your community to share your expertise?

Which tactics have you found to work particularly well?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and/or join the discussion on Engage (login required).

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