What Is the Secret Recipe?

This post was contributed by Alexander M. Norbash, MD, MS, FACR, member of the Radiology Leadership Institute® Board.

Norbash_ARadiology has survived and flourished at the edge of innovation and change in medicine due in large part to our specialty’s commitment to patient care, ingenuity and hard work. However, we now face unprecedented changes in the ways we are expected to do business in an environment with increasingly complex regulations and competition. This means successes accomplished in the past will not necessarily mean success in the future. We will have to find a new secret recipe.

So what is the secret recipe to ensure our specialty’s continued ability to impact the future of health care? I believe it will be our ability to create both personal and organizational value. The 2016 RLI Leadership Summit has been designed specifically to help radiologists learn how to do just that.

The program this year will focus on how our future and financial success will both dependbottlesauce largely on our ability to understand our customers and pricing strategies and in successfully negotiating to derive our appropriate value for services provided. In-depth and interactive sessions will teach you how to go beyond checklists, create and execute operations-based strategy, convert the idea of value into action, and create a practical and realistic blueprint for more efficient and effective governance.

Understanding these principles is just the beginning. Once we know how to convert ideas into value, we must be able to tell our story with power. This year’s Summit features industry experts who will provide you with stories and real-world examples. They will also help you discover the tools and skills you need to more effectively communicate that value to patients, referring physicians, hospital administrators and others so that we may ultimately claim our true value in the health care ecosystem.

Framing the secret recipe is good. Sharing it, helping others to create it, is even better.

Visit the RLI website for more information about the Summit and to register. We have special discounts for teams from practices and departments to attend together in order to increase the impact on your practice and maximize your investment; please call 800.373.2204 to register as a team. I look forward to seeing you there.

What are you missing in your recipe for creating personal and organizational value?


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