How Will I Succeed in Practice?

The following post was contributed by Jennifer E. Nathan, MD, chair of the Young and Early Career Physician Section (ACR-YPS) Executive Committee.

Jennifer Nathan_YPS_490_web We are experiencing an era of evolving medical practice. Many young and early-career radiologists starting practice soon discover there are gaps in their education as to the business side of practice.

It’s vital that newly minted radiologists keep up with practice and health care delivery changes through the American College of Radiology (ACR) Young and Early Career Physician Section (YPS) and other channels. Networking at ACR 2016—The Crossroads of Radiology® and state radiology meetings provides another opportunity to see how what you’re reading about is being put into practice.

The ACR currently represents more than 6,600 members who are either under the age of 40 or within eight years of completion of training. The College helps develop and carry out policy that will allow us to accomplish our highest goal: to provide the best care for your patients (over the long haul). Early-career physicians need to be especially active, given that we will practice medicine in the coming years and changes in the health care delivery system will affect us greatly.

The ACR helps us enhance our practice of medicine, facilitates our participation in policy development and other College activities, foster development of our leadership skills and amplify our #VoiceOfRadiology.

Numerous resources are available to assist us in building our brand and practice and becoming an influencer in the field, including:

I invite you to get involved in the ACR and voice your opinions on current issues that face the College and radiology. How will we succeed in our practice? With help from ACR.

What tips can you share to ensure a successful radiology practice?



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