Physician: Tweet Thyself?

The following post was contributed by William T. Thorwarth Jr., MD, ACR chief executive officer.

Dr Thorwarth_20140414_008With the changes that we’re seeing in health care, we need to continue to amplify the value of radiology.

The American College of Radiology (ACR) does this in numerous ways as we promote, advance and defend the profession 24/7/365. We represent all of radiology in the media and before Congress, state legislatures, regulatory agencies and insurers.

Reaching Socially

Today, traditional avenues of meeting—and working with—decision makers and health care influencers have changed. You’re seeing the integration of medicine and social media: You must become part of the ongoing discussions found on social media, and we make it easy for you.

Follow, Share, Like or Comment on any of the numerous ACR social media accounts. There are multiple Facebook accounts, multiple Twitter handles, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and #VoiceOfRadiology and other blogs.

Advocating for Radiology

We use social media strategically, for example, recently completing an integrated plan across all our social media accounts to advance the use of CT colonography during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Similar measures were used to support mammography, the International Day of Radiology and lung cancer screening.

You can use ACR accounts—and your own—to encourage health literacy and behavioral changes and enhance communication physician to patient and physician to physician. Follow one (or more) of our accounts. Retweet if you find something that you want to share. Add a comment; start a conversation. You can multiply efforts, say, if you forward a tweet (and a comment) about CT colonography to your own legislators or colleagues.

Taking Social Steps

I know that you are busy—and that you may think that you’re too busy to be active online—or maybe you simply don’t know how. But we make it as easy as possible to take—or continue—your social steps.


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