Clinical Research Advances Patient Care and Our Practices

The following post was contributed by Donald P. Rosen, MD, chief research officer,  American College of Radiology. 

I think that most radiologists know that clinical research advances our profession regarding improved patient care. Do you think most of us realize that taking part in clinical research can strengthen our practices financially? How about that the American College of Radiology (ACR) can actually help practices take part in clinical research? Well, it can.

In fact, The College is offering a number of clinical research sessions at ACR 2015™, the College’s all-new annual meeting, to help radiology professionals understand:

  • The differences between industry-sponsored, highly-regulated research and government-sponsored research answering scientific hypotheses
  • The requirements to carry out research
  • How research participation can result in additional practice revenue
  • Research as a non clinical career path
  • The non-monetary benefits gained from research participation
  • The critical basic skills needed for writing, reviewing and editing imaging health services research publications

The sessions will help attendees:

  • Describe the importance of imaging research for radiology’s future and for expediting approval of new applications for drugs and devices
  • Analyze the opportunities and challenges for conducting clinical research within the radiology practice to determine the key steps required to initiate a practice-wide research program
  • Describe how industry and radiology practices could benefit from a relationship in research and how the ACR can assist practices in this effort

ACR 2015 clinical research sessions include:

ACR 2015™ – The Crossroads of Radiology – will be held May 17–21 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC. If you have thought about taking part in clinical research, but maybe didn’t quite know how to get started, or how your practice might benefit from it, I strongly suggest attending ACR 2015 and checking out the clinical research sessions while you are there.

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