The Time Is Now: Get Ready for CDS

The following post was contributed by Lawrence A. Liebscher, MD, FACR.

Jan. 1, 2017 seems like a long way off. That is when new rules go into effect requiring physicians to consult a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved clinical decision support system, such as ACR Select™, to order advanced imaging exams for Medicare patients.

While it’s 22 months from now, it is but a blink of an eye in IT time. The larger your hospital or health system, the longer it will take to move a new IT project from inception to operation. My health system went live with ACR Select on Feb. 17, 2015 – 2 1/2 years after the concept was first introduced to key administrators.

ACR Select is a cornerstone of Imaging 3.0™. Its deployment will need to be led by radiologists, but it is fundamentally a clinical system embedded in the electronic health record (EHR). As such, it will likely require approval by one or more clinical governing bodies. It will need to be included in the IT budget and fit into the annual IT work schedule. You will need to assemble stakeholders and develop a formal business plan. All of that takes time.

Do you know?

  • The approval process in your institution?
  • When those bodies meet?
  • The key people that must be involved?

Also, do you know?

  •  When the IT budget and annual work plan is approved?
  • What deadlines you must meet?

A number of informatics and innovation sessions at ACR 2015™, the College’s all-new, all-radiology annual meeting, can help you better understand the CDS process and make your implementation efforts more efficient.

These sessions include:

You can also check out the ACR Informatics and Innovation “Toolkit” for more information regarding CDS and to prepare for the ACR 2015 informatics sessions.

The time to begin seriously working on the implementation of ACR Select is now. Tempus fugit.

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