Kudos to 2015 Practice Leaders Meeting in Atlanta

The following post was contributed by Rajendra Kedar, MD, of Radiology Associates of Florida, Tower Imaging and the University of South Florida (USF), Tampa, FL.

Every year, leaders in our group have a strategic planning retreat consisting of board members and top administrators.

Our goal has been to review our:

1. Accomplishments and weaknesses over the past few years
2. Current challenges and opportunities, and
3. Short term and long-term future planning

We try to do this away from home without any distractions. This helps us bond, come up with new ideas, and frankly review all aspects of our practice.

This year we decided to attend ACR’s “2015 Practice leaders meeting” in Atlanta. The objectives of this meeting, agenda, and faculty was the motivating factor for seven (six radiologists and a CEO) of our board members to attend this meeting.

We were extremely impressed with the whole program in terms of in-depth analysis, trends, challenges and possible solutions for radiology practices presented by top experts. Enough time was dedicated for open mic and panel discussion and interaction with faculty and other colleague.

Every radiologist (especially those in leadership) must be familiar with topics like Imaging 3.0, clinical decision support, value vs volume, contracting, mergers and acquisitions. These topics were presented very well by the ACR think tank, policy, and legal experts.

During breaks and after conferences, our group got together on the sideline to discuss how can we apply these changes and reinforce new information that we had acquired. Due to this conference, we had many educated, rewarding and stimulating discussions in terms of our current status and strategic planning for the future.

Leadership session are also offered at The Crossroads – ACR 2015™, the College’s all-new, all radiology annual meeting, May 17-21 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC.

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