A Resident’s View: Reengineering the Radiology Enterprise

The following post was written by guest blogger Dr. Maya Hartman, radiology resident at Weill Cornell Medical Center.

I was recently fortunate enough to attend the ACR-sponsored annual Intersociety Summer Conference, which was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This year’s topic was “Reengineering the Radiology Enterprise,” emphasizing the need for change and radiology value creation within an evolving health care environment. The meeting provided a realistic outlook on the current landscape and the need for us to be proactive about change, not only for the benefit of our field but, more importantly, for patients. A general theme was that change should be “patient-centered, data –driven and outcome-based” and should be achieved using process-improvement frameworks, which was exemplified with an interesting case study about the evolution of an emergency department in Colorado.

A meeting highlight was the breakout sessions, where the meeting attendees divided into subgroups to discuss ways in which the imaging process can be improved using a framework of “pre-imaging,” “imaging,” and “post-imaging.” One group interestingly pointed out that the mere division of imaging into such stages/classifications may be inhibiting progress and that perhaps the whole framework needs to be reconsidered.

Of course there was a session on Imaging 3.0TM and the concept that radiologists should take ownership over all aspects of imaging and outcome improvement. Some examples included clinical and radiologist decision support and a session about a new technology called REACH (Radiologists Engaging and Collaborating in Healthcare), which is an on-demand virtual radiology consultation technology.

Overall, the meeting was a great success and, as a group, we were able to identify many ways in which we can improve quality and value for our patients. As an added bonus, during the free afternoons, I was able to explore the various wonderful Santa Fe attractions including the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and Los Alamos!

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