Activism, Not Apathy

The following post was written by guest blogger William Thorwarth, Jr, MD, CEO of the ACR

When the editor of asked me what I considered the biggest threat to radiology, I said “apathy.”

Health care spending in the U.S. is higher than in other countries. Cost reduction is ever-present. And the threat of commoditization of imaging is real. Meanwhile, medicine is shifting from volume-based to value-based care. And while price differentiation is easily measured, value is not. It is not a time for radiologists to be on the sideline!

These challenges have to be addressed. As new CEO of the ACR, and a practicing radiologist for nearly 30 years, I hope we can meet them together.

I challenge you to embrace the opportunity to shape the future of medicine and your profession as part of what the College calls Imaging 3.0™:

  • Get involved in your local ACR chapter, in leadership opportunities on your medical staff and in your community and in any local integrated health care effort in your area.
  • Document the quality of care you and your practice provide through PQRS, PQI projects and utilizing other Imaging 3.0 tools.
  • Stay informed. Be sure you’re signed up to receive our weekly advocacy e-newsletter for the latest legislative, economic and regulatory updates. You can manage your preferences here.
  • Speak up. The ACR is your organization. For the first time, all of radiology will join together in May 2015 for ACR 2015™ – The Crossroads of Radiology. Come find out how and why the College does what it does; why you are an ACR member; and what all of us can do – if we work together.

The future of radiology as we know it depends on the actions we take now. Let’s do great things.

I will be a regular VOR Blog contributor. I appreciate your valuable feedback. You can also send me a tweet @ThorwarthMD.


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