Advice to the Young Physician

It’s been a bruising process for many of you to get this job and it might seem as if Imaging 3.0 has little to do with what is expected of you as the newest member of the practice, but hear me out.

You might think that all that’s expected of you is to crank through the work list, but please find time to connect with the wider world in which you are practicing. Every abnormal case is an opportunity to talk to a referring physician and every day you are at work is a chance to connect with patients. Might that mean some later evenings than if you took the Imaging 2.0 route? Yes; but when your group is thinking a year from now about what you have added to the practice, I guarantee you that it will mean something if they are hearing from non-radiology colleagues and patients about what a great doctor you are.

Twenty years ago I started what, for me, seemed far from my ideal job. In the Managed Care Panic that shut down hiring in the northeast in the mid-90s my breast imaging fellowship from MGH wasn’t wowing anyone, so my main responsibility was the fluoro schedule. Happy to have a job, I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed interacting with patients and teaching residents. So even if the job you’ve taken is not perfect, try to find something that you can excel at.

Good luck and we’d love to hear your stories. Email us at

Geraldine B. McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR

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