The New Doc Fix

April 2 was an important day for you and Radiology. The President signed the SGR Patch or “Doc Fix”. The patch included the radiology provisions of CDS and MPPR that we have discussed in this blog many times.

This achievement is due to the skill, perseverance and dedication of the ACR Government Relations team. They have fought, lobbied, argued and guided these measures through the quagmire of Washington politics.

I want to celebrate by challenging each and every one of you. What are you doing to help the cause? Only 77 percent of Radiologists belong to the ACR Association (ACRA), the organization that supports advocacy for radiologists. It is the responsibility for every radiologist to be an ACRA member. Only 14 percent respond to the Calls for Action sent out by the GR team. It takes literally two mouse clicks and less than one minute to send a letter to your congressperson through the email hyperlinks. Only 10 percent donate to RADPAC. Where else would you tolerate only 10 percent of your partners doing all the work? We had this amazing legislative success story with $3 million. Just think of the possibilities with $5 or even $10 million available for lobbying.

ACRA membership, responding to calls for action and donating to RADPAC should be required for all of us.

Let’s celebrate the legislative win today. Here is a link for more information on RADPAC:

Author – Howard B. Fleishon, M.D., MMM, FACR

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