2013: The Year in ACR Economics

For the ACR Economics team, 2013 was another year where we saw significant reimbursement cuts to Imaging services. That is a tough message to give our members who are struggling under the weight of accumulated reductions. That said, without our tireless Economics volunteers and staff and their efforts these reductions could have been much worse.

This year has also seen us telling the Imaging 3.0 story both within the profession as well as to the outside world.
Speaking at the AMCLC and State Chapter meetings, to lawmakers on Capitol Hill, to our patients via Social Media and to other physicians at venues like the AMA we’ve firmly established that radiologists are part of the solution to high-value care. Most importantly, we have been making the point that radiologists need relevant quality measures and incentives to mitigate the crushing reimbursement reductions so that they can continue to provide that high value care. Language currently in the SGR reform bill requires the use of Clinical Decision Support for advanced imaging for Medicare. We are optimistic that our advocacy for this policy has already changed the perception of radiologists among policy and lawmakers. We will do all we can to leverage that towards meaningful participation by radiologists in the value based healthcare economy.

I’ll end on a personal note of thanks to all of you who are ACR members and who support all of us in doing our work for the College. It is an honor to represent you.