The Ripple Effect: Colorado Clean Claims Task Force

Although we are constantly watching Washington for legislation that will affect radiology, another important source of ideas, laws and regulations that we need to monitor are the states. For example, the Medical Clean Claims, Transparency and Uniformity Task Force was formed as a result of the Colorado legislature’s passage of HB10-1332 in 2010. The task force is composed of providers, payers and government representatives. The charge is to develop a uniform set of insurance codes and payment rules for all health care provider contracts. The goal is to significantly reduce the cost of administrative redundancies through standardization, consistency, transparency and appropriate savings to the health care system.

The concept can have significant ramifications for radiology. Any accepted changes would automatically be adopted by all payers in the state. Consider the Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction scheme that was adopted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Those reductions would then be immediately part of any provider contract in the state. Any negotiating opportunities by individual groups would be circumvented by law.

The report of the task force is due at any time. Other states are watching the outcome closely. We will continue to keep you informed through this blog and other networking opportunities.

But the greater point is that we all need to monitor legislative activity in our state. Larger chapters have legislative committees or dedicated lobbyist. The American College of Radiology (ACR) State Government Relations Committee meets on at least a quarterly basis to provide updates to their members. The ACR also maintains close surveillance on state legislation. But we need your help in providing grassroots advocacy. For more information, contact Eugenia Krimer at

Author – Howard B. Fleishon, M.D., MMM, FACR

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