Radiology Integrated Care Network Survey Synopsis

The American College of Radiology’s (ACR) Radiology Integrated Care (RIC) Network conducted surveys during July and August of 2013 to sample experiences from radiologists across the country regarding their current state of alternative reimbursement. We are delighted to share a portion of these results in this blog, and will share more, in subsequent communications. One caveat of this survey is the lack of statistical significance due to the fraction of respondents. Message: Participate! Nonetheless, the salient features of these results are valuable to the overarching ACR membership.

The typical respondent practices in urban/suburban community hospitals or freestanding imaging centers, working in groups of 10 to 90. One third work alongside residents-in-training and 75 percent have never been capitated by health plans, operating in the traditional fee-for-service. Fewer than 50 percent were actively approached by outside parties to engage in alternate payment methodologies, including accountable care organizations or with private insurance companies, shared savings models, specific bundled payments and capitation models.

It’s interesting to note that the details of contract negotiation, including definitions of risk, the radiologist’s involvement in negotiations and the radiologist’s participation in the framework of shared savings are largely uncharted. Some live in shared savings models, unaware of contract details. Respondents understanding the details of per member/per month fees and upside/downside risk are the minority. The overwhelming sense is that radiologists are craving this information from others with experience. Our next communication will touch on more of these details. Stay tuned!

Author – Joaquim Farinhas, M.D., co-chair Radiology Integrated Care Network

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